ZHAO shanyan

ZHAO Shanting赵善廷教授.JPG

M.D. in Germany, “Houji scholar” distinguished Professor. Director of Library, NWAFU.

Born in Sept.1964, Gaoqing, Shandong, China


Address: College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A&F University

No. 22 Xinong Road, Yangling, 712100, Shaanxi, China.

Email(s): zhaoshanting@nwsuaf.edu.cn

Mobile: +86 18700975432

Telephone: +86-(0)29-8708-0136

Fax: +86-(0)29-8708-0131

1. Education and Work Experience

01.2011 – now, Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A&F University

11.2008 – 03.2012, Professor, College of Life Science, Lanzhou University

10.2004 – 12.2010, Assistant Professor, Medical College, University of Freiburg, Germany

02.2001 – 09.2004, Postdoctoral training, Medical College, University of Freiburg, Germany

10.1998 – 01.2001, M.D., Medical College, University of Freiburg, Germany

07.1988 – 09.1998, Assistant, Lecture and Associate Professor, Xinjiang Medical University

09.1985 – 07.1988, Master, Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University

09.1980 – 07.1985, Bachelor, Medicine, Binzhou Medical College

2. Research and Teaching

Research interests:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain development,

Synaptic plasticity and Learning and Memory,

Adult neural stem cells and Neurogenesis,

Healthy breeding of livestock and poultry,

Nutritional and medicinal value of  Acer truncatum Bounge,

Traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.


Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Neurobiology for bachelor students.

Advanced Neurobiology, Immunohistochemistry for master students.

Frontiers in Neurobiology for doctoral students.

3. Memberships and Academic Services

Member of Society for Neuroscience USA

Member of Society for Neuroscience of European

Member of Chinese Neuroscience Society

Executive Committee Member of animal welfare and health breeding Society in the Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society

Executive Committee Member of Society for animal Anatomy, Histology and Embryology in the Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society

Deputy Director of Research Center for  Acer truncatum Bunge Engineering Technology of National Forestry and Grass Administration

4. Honors and Awards

Distinguished Professor of "Cuiying Scholar" in Lanzhou University.

Distinguished experts of Shaanxi "Sanqin Scholars" and Sichuan "Tianfu Scholars"

5. Publications

Selected papers

(1) Papers as first author

[01] Chai X#, Zhao S# (equal contributed), Fan L, Zhang W, Lu X, Shao H, Wang S, Song L, Failla AV, Zobiak B, Mannherz HG, Frotscher M. Reelin and cofilin cooperate during the migration of cortical neurons: A quantitative morphological analysis.  Development . 2016 Mar 15;143(6):1029-40. (IF ="5.611)"

[02] Studer D#, Zhao S# (equal contributed), Chai X, Jonas Peter, Graber W , Nestel S, Frotscher M. Capture of activity-induced ultrastructural changes at synapses by high-pressure freezing of brain tissue. Nature Protocols . 2014;9(6):1480-95. (IF="7.950)

[03] Zhao S, Studer D, Chai X, Graber W, Brose N, Nestel S, Young C, Rodriguez EP, Saetzler K, Frotscher M. Structural plasticity of spines at giant mossy fiber synapses.  Front Neural Circuits. 2012; 6:103-110. (IF="3.385)

[04] Zhao S, Studer D, Graber W, Nestel S, Frotscher M. Fine structure of hippocampal mossy fiber synapses following rapid high-pressure freezing.  Epilepsia. 2012;53 Suppl 1:4-8. (IF3=".909)

[05] Zhao S, Studer D, Chai X, Graber W, Brose N, Nestel S, Young C, Rodriguez EP, Saetzler K, Frotscher M. Structural plasticity of hippocampal mossy fiber synapses as revealed by high-pressure freezing.  J Comp Neurol.  2012;520(11):2340-51. (IF="3.661)

[06] Zhao S, Frotscher M. Go or stop? Divergent roles of Reelin in radial neuronal migration.  Neuroscientist.  2010; 16(4):421-34. (IF="5.952)

[07] Zhao S, Chai X, Bock HH, Brunne B, Forster E, Frotscher M. Rescue of the reeler phenotype in the dentate gyrus by wild-type coculture is mediated by lipoprotein receptors for Reelin and Disabled 1. J   Comp Neur ol. 2006; 495(1):1-9. (IF=3.661)

[08] Zhao S, Chai X, Forster E, Frotscher M. Reelin is a positional signal for the lamination of dentate granule cells.  Development.  2004; 131(20):5117-5125. (IF =7.3)

[09] Zhao S, Forster E, Chai X, Frotscher M. Different signals control laminar specificity of commissural and entorhinal fibers to the dentate gyrus. J Neurosc  i  .  2003; 23(19):7351-7357. ( IF="7.452)

[10] Forster E#, Jossin Y#, Zhao S# (equal contributed), Chai X, Frotscher M, Goffinet AM. Recent progress in understanding the role of Reelin in radial neuronal migration, with specific emphasis on the dentate gyrus.  Eur J Neurosci.  2006;23(4):901-909.  (IF="3.385)

[11] Zhao S, Chai X, Frotscher M. Balance between neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the adult hippocampus: role for reelin. Dev Neurosci. 2007;29(1-2):84-90

(2) Papers as corresponding author

[12] Sun P, Wang M, Li Z, Wei J, Liu F, Zheng W, Zhu X, Chai X, Zhao S*. Eucommiae cortex polysaccharides mitigate obesogenic diet-induced cognitive and social dysfunction via modulation of gut microbiota and tryptophan metabolism.  Theranostics . 2022 May 1;12(8):3637-3655.

[13] Xue Y, Zhu X, Yan W, Zhang Z, Cui E, Wu Y, Li C, Pan J, Yan Q, Chai X, Zhao S*. Dietary supplementation with Acer truncatum oil promotes remyelination in a mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis.  Front Neurosci. 2022 May 2;16:860280.

[14] Huang J, Chai X, Wu Y, Hou Y, Li C, Xue Y, Pan J, Zhao Y, Su A, Zhu X, Zhao S*.β-Hydroxybutyric acid attenuates heat stress-induced neuroinflammation via inhibiting TLR4/p38 MAPK and NF-κB pathways in the hippocampus.  FASEB J.  2022 Apr;36(4):e22264.

[15] Li C, Chai X, Pan J, Huang J, Wu Y, Xue Y, Zhou W, Yang J, Zhu X, Zhao S*. β-Hydroxybutyrate Alleviates Low Glucose-Induced Apoptosis via Modulation of ROS-Mediated p38 MAPK Signaling.  J Mol Neurosci.  2022 May;72(5):923 -938.

[16] Zhu X, Huang J, Wu Y, Zhao S*, Chai X. Effect of Heat Stress on Hippocampal Neurogenesis: Insights into the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Neuroinflammation-Induced Deficits.  Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2021 Nov 12. doi: 10.1007/s10571-021-01165-5. Online ahead of print.

[17] Zhu X, Wu Y, Pan J, Li C, Huang J, Cui E, Chen Z, Zhou W, Chai X, Zhao S*. Neuroinflammation Induction and Alteration of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Mice Following Developmental Exposure to Gossypol. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol . 2021 May 18;24(5):419-433.

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[22] Peng Chen, Maofang Hei, Lili Kong, Yinyin Liu, Yu Yang Haibo Mu, Xiuyun Zhang, Shanting Zhao* and Jinyou Duan* . One water-soluble polysaccharide from Ginkgo biloba leaves with antidepressant activities via modulation of the gut microbiome.   Food & Function.  2019,10(12):8161 – 8171, 3.241

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(3) Paper with highest impact factor:

[45] Forster E, Zhao S, Frotscher M. Laminating the hippocampus.  Nature Reviews Neuroscience.  2006; 7(4):259-267. (IF=36.573)


[1]  R  esearch   Progress of Acer truncatum and nervonic acid. 1th Edition, Editor-in-Chief, Northwest A&F University Press (2020).

6. Projects and Funding

[1] Application of Yuanbao maple leaf in healthy breeding of livestock and poultry and development of related products. Talent project of Sichuan Province. No. 2020-120, 200,000 RMB Yuan, 2021.01-2023.12, grant holder.

[2] Study on the preventive and therapeutic effects of Eucommia on Alzheimer’s disease. Japanese K4030220524, Eucommia ulmoides Research Association assisted project. 1,000,000 JPY Yen, 2020.08-2022.07, grant holder.

[3] Research and development of key technologies for high-value utilization of Eucommia ulmoides leaf forest resources. Key projects of intergovernmental international scientific and technological innovation cooperation. No. 2018YFE0127000, Ministry of Science and Technology. 350,000 RMB Yuan, 2020.01-2022.12, Sub project leader.

[4] Research on nutritional and medicinal value of Acer truncatum oil and nervonic acid and development of related products. Key Research & Development projects of Shaanxi Province. No. 2020QFY1004, Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province. 250,000 RMB Yuan, 2020.01-2022.12, Sub project leader.

[5] Study on Key Technologies of cultivation and efficient utilization of Acer truncatum resources.  Key Research & Development projects of Shaanxi Province. No.2018ZDXM2, Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province. 160,000 RMB Yuan, 2019.01-2021.12, Sub project leader.

[6] Adult neurogenesis of Qinghai sand lizard and the influence of ecological environment on it General Project, No. 31572477, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 630,000 RMB Yuan, 2016.01 – 2019.12, grant holder.

[7] Adult neurogenesis of Qinghai sand lizard and the influence of ecological environment on it. General Project, No. 31071873, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 350,000 RMB Yuan, 2011 .01- 2013.12, grant holder.

[8] Research on Key Technologies of healthy pig breeding based on animal welfare. Key Project, No. 2016KTCL02-19, Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province. 2016.01 – 2017.12, grant holder.