HUA song

1.Personal information华松教授.JPG

Ph. D., Professor, and Doctoral tutor.

Year of birth: October 1976

Birthplace: Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

2.Education and research experience

In July 2001, graduated from the College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University (NWAFU) with a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Veterinary Medicine.

In July 2004, graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, NWAFU with a Master's degree in Clinical Veterinary Medicine.

In July 2007, graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, NWAFU with a Doctorate degree in Clinical Veterinary Medicine.

From July 2007 to May 2011, worked in the College of Veterinary Medicine, NWAFU.

From May 2011 to May 2012, studied at the University of New South Wales in Australia as a visiting scholar.

In May 2012, returned to work at NWAFU.

3.Research direction and main work

Research direction: Disease Control and Embryo Engineering in Livestock and Poultry.

Main work: Engaged in teaching, scientific research and technology promotion in the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases and breeding. In recent years, through school-enterprise collaboration, we have developed livestock and poultry antibiotic-free breeding technology, as well as livestock and poultry manure and planting waste resource utilization technologies, and have carried out demonstration and promotion in northwest China. Actively participating in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization work, and have done a lot of training and demonstration work in large-scale livestock breeding, rapid breeding, hybrid improvement, epidemic diseases diagnosis, prevention and control.

4.Representative academic achievements

[1] HUA Song, LIU Shuai, FU Mingzhe, HAN Xiaofang. Fertilization potential test of sperm from nano monoclonal antibody injected goats. Small ruminant research 2021,202 106458.

[2] HUA Song, WU Hao, PAN Xiaorong, LI Rong, SONG Wangcheng. Excessive rumen-protected choline in the daily diet compromises sperm quality of male dairy goats as a result of aberrant DNA methylation modification. Animal Production Science 2021,61 (13): 1329-1337.

[3] HUA Song, XU Wenhai, WU Hao, XIA Weilan , LAN Hui, WANG Yongsheng, ZHANG Yong. Physical exercise before pregnancy helps the development of mouse embryos produced in vitro. Mitochondrion 2017,34:36-42.

[4] HUA Song, FU Mingzhe, WU Xinying, HE Jie, ZHANG Yong. Natrium fluoride influences methylation modifications and induces apoptosis in mouse early embryos. Environment Science & Technology 2014, 48 (17): 10398-10405.

[5] HUA Song, MA Pingjun, ZHANG Hui, LI Rong, WANG Yongsheng, ZHANG Yong. P53-Mediated repression of the reprogramming in cloned bovine embryos through direct interaction with HDAC1 and indirect interaction with DNMT3A. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 2015,50:400-409.

[6] HUA Song, ZHANG Yan, WU Haibo, ZHANG Man, JIANG Yali,ZHUO Weiwei,ZHANG Yong. Nicotinamide induces apoptosis of F9 mouse teratocarcinomastem cells by downregulation of SATB1 expression. Tumor Biology,2015,36:4339-4348.

[7] HUA Song, ZHANG Hui, WANG Yongsheng, SANG Yuankun, ZHANG Yong. Combination of s-adenosylhomocysteine and scriptaid non-toxic epigenetic modifying reagent modulates the reprogramming of bovine SCNT embryos. Molecular Reproduction and Development 2014,81(1): 87-97.

[8] HUA Song, HENRY Chung, KULDIP Sidhu. Human therapeutic cloning, pitfalls and lack luster because of rapid developments in induced pluripotent stem cell technology. Asian Biomedicine 2014, 8(1):5-10.

[9] HUA Song, WANG Yongsheng, WU Hao, QUAN Fusheng, ZHANG Hui, ZHANG Yong. Differences in DNA methylation and mRNA levels between the breeding and non-breeding seasons of in vitro produced IVF and SCNT sheep embryos. Small Ruminant Research 2013,113: 390-397.

[10] HUA Song, ZHANG Hui, SONG Yakun, LI Ruizhe, LIU Jun, WANG Yongsheng, QUAN Fusheng, ZHANG Yong. High expression of Mfn1 promotes early development of bovine SCNT embryos: improvement of mitochondrial membrane potential and oxidative metabolism. Mitochondrion 2012, 12: 320-327.

[11] HUA Song, ZHANG Hui, SU Jianmin, ZHANG Tuo, QUAN Fusheng, LIU Jun, WANG Yongsheng, ZHANG Yong. Effects of the removal of cytoplasm on the development of early cloned bovine embryos. Animal Reproduction Science 2011, 126:37-44.

[12] HUA Song, LAN Jie, LIU Yonggang, SONG Yongli, LIU Jun, WANG Yongsheng, ZHANG Tuo, ZHANG Yong. Recombinant human activin A promotes development of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos matured in vitro. Czech Journal of Animal Science 2010, 55(7):267-275.

[13] HUA Song, ZHANG Yong, LI Xiangchen, MA Libing, CAO Junwei, DAI Jinpo, LIRong. Effects of granulosa cell mitochondria transfer on the early development of bovine embryos in vitro. Cloning and Stem Cells 2007, 9(2): 237-246.

[14] HUA Song, ZHANG Yong, SONG Kai, SONG Jimei, ZHANG Zhipeng, ZHANG Lin, ZHANG Chi, CAO Junwei, MA Libing. Development of bovine-ovine interspecies cloned embryos and mitochondria segregation in blastomeres during preimplantation. Animal Reproduction Science 2008, 105(4): 245-257.

[15] HUA Song, LU Chenglong, SONG Yakun, LI Ruizhe, LIU Xu, QUAN Fusheng, WANG Yongsheng, LIU Jun, SU Feng, ZHANG Yong. High levels of mitochondrial heteroplasmy modify the development of ovine-bovine interspecies nuclear transferred embryos. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 2012, 24: 501-509.

[16] HUA Song, ZhANG Zhipeng, ZhANG Chi, ZHANG Yong. An improved enucleation method of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2007, 34 (6): 491-496.

[17] HUA Song, LAN Jie, SONG Yongli, LU Chenglong, ZHANG Yong. Safety analysis of somatic cell cloned bovine products. Chinese Journal of Biological Engineering,2010,26(5):576-581.

5. Scientific research projects

[1] Presided two National Natural Science Foundation projects(No.31001008,2011.1-2013.12),(No. 31872539,2019.1-2022.12).

[2] Presided one Doctoral Program Fund of the Ministry of Education(No. 200807121006,2008.1-2010.12).

[3] Presided one sub-project of the national major special project (Environmental Safety Evaluation of Genetically Modified Pigs, Cattle and Sheep)(No. 2008ZX08011-004,2009.1-2011.12).

[4] Presided three scientific and technological projects of Shaanxi Province(No. 2016NY-114,2016.1-2017.12), (No. 2018YBXM-N-7-2,2019.1-2020.12).

[5] Presided one science and technology extension project of Northwest A&F University(No.TGZX2014-10,2014-2015).

[6] Presided two science and technology promotion projects of Yangling Demonstration Zone(No.2015-TS-02,2015.10-2017.10), (No.2018NY-15,2018.1-2019.12).

[7] Presided five horizontal subjects (2014.5-2016.4), (2015.1-2016.12), (2019.6-2021.5), (2020.1-2021.12), (2021.9-2023.8).

6. Honors and Awards

[1] The Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Shaanxi Province in 2009.

[2] The first prize of Shaanxi Agricultural Technology Promotion in 2015(Integration and Promotion of Key Technologies for High-efficiency Mutton Sheep Breeding, 2013·2014-01-01).

[3] The first prize of Dingxi Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievements in 2021 (Integrated Innovation and Industrialization Demonstration and Promotion of High-quality Lamb Safety Production Technology, 2021-D1-07-R5).

7. Contact details

Address: No. 22, Xinong Road, Yangling Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi Province, 712100.

Contact number: +86 134 8480 1928, Email: