QIN suzhu

Surname: QING卿素珠教授.jpg

First names: Suzhu

Place of birth: Yongzhou city, Hunan Province, People’s Republic of China.


1999~2003: Ph.D., Clinical Veterinary Medical Science, Northwest A & F University.

1996~1999: Masters in Foundational Veterinary Medical Science, Northwestern Agricultural University.

1987~1992: Bachelor of Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Northwestern Agricultural University.


2009~present: Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A&F University.

2002~2009: Associate Professor,College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University. MA student supervisor in the field of Foundational Veterinary Medicine and Developmental Biology since 2004. Finished visiting research in Center for Health and the Environment, University of California, Davis during August 2008 to August 2009.

1997~2002: Lecturer, Foundational Veterinary Medicine teaching group, Northwest A&F University

1992~1997: Teaching assistant, College of Animal Medicine Science, Northwestern Agricultural University.


Animal histology and embryology, Animal neuroendocrine and immune regulation


Undergraduate courses  Animal Histology and Embryology, Theory and Practice of Animal Histological Techniques, Introduction to Veterinary Discipline, Animal Developmental Biology.

Postgraduate courses Superior Histology and related Techniques, Animal Embryology, Animal Developmental Biology, Special topics in animal biology.


Outstanding Teacher of Northwest A&F University, Prominent Individual in ‘women-making-contributions’ campaign. Grand Prize of Teaching Achievements in Higher Education in Shaanxi Province at fourth name sequence. Published 3 textbooks as Editor-in-chief and participated in 6 textbooks.


More than 70 scientific papers have been published. Chaired and participated in 6 research projects at provincial, ministry and national level. One achievement is awarded the Second-class of Science & Technology Advanced Prize of Shaanxi. Five papers have been rewarded the outstanding thesis from the Chinese Association of Anatomy and Histology & Embryology during 2008 to 2018. One paper won the third prize of outstanding thesis in Natural Science of Shaanxi Province.


Director of the Chinese Association of Anatomy and Histology & Embryology in Animals. Member of Shaanxi Association for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science. Member of Shaanxi Anatomical Association. Editor of the journal “Progress in Veterinary Medicine”.


Address: College of Veterinary Medicine, Northwest A & F University,

Yangling, Shaanxi, 71200

People’s Republic of China

Fax number:  +86-29-87091032

Email:  suzhuqing@163.com ylqingsuzhu@nwsuaf.edu.cn