ZHAO huiying

1. Personal Informationimage001.jpg

Gender: female

Year of Birth: February 1966

Ph.D., Professor.

1.1 Education

1984.09-1989.06, Northwest A&F University, Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine

1995.09-1998.12, Northwest A&F University, Master in Animal Anatomy and Histo-embryology

2000.09-2004.06, Northwest A&F University, Doctor in Clinical Veterinary Medicine

1.2 Work experience

1989.07-1992.05, Assistant veterinarian of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station in Yangling;

1992.06-, Work at Northwest A&F University (formerly Northwest Agricultural University), served as the leader of Anatomy Course Group, deputy Director of Basic Veterinary Teaching and Research Office, Secretary of Basic Veterinary Department, Deputy director of Neurobiology and Developmental Biology Department, Deputy Dean of Department of Veterinary Medicine, Director of Laboratory of Department of Veterinary Medicine, member of Academic/Academic Degree Committee of College of Animal Science and Technology, member of Teaching Committee of College of Veterinary Medicine, etc.;

1995.07-2000.12, Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine;

2001.01-2008.12, Associate professor in Veterinary Medicine;

2007.08-2008.08, Visiting Scholar, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University (WSU CVM).

2009.01- present, Professor in Veterinary Medicine;

1.3 Memberships and positions

Member of Shaanxi Anatomy Society, Member of Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals Branch, Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine;

Editorial Board of  Progress in Veterinary Medicine ; Reviewer of  Acta Veterinaria et Zootechnica Sinica ,  Journal of Northwest A&F University ,  Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine , etc.; 

1.4 Major honors

"Development of cage-raised chickens and expression of AChE and GAP-43 in brain", the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi Province (3/9, 2003);

"Study on the expression of interferon gamma in neuroendocrine system", the first prize of Yan'an Science and Technology Progress Award (3/9, 2005);

Second prize of school teaching Achievement award for "Creating curriculum System Reform and Practice aiming at High-quality Courses" (host, 2005);

Advanced Individual of "Women's Contributions" of Northwest A & F University (2005);

"VTR" Education Award (2005);

Excellent teacher of "Thousand Courses Online Project" (2005);

" Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals ": University-level excellent Course (2/8, 2003), Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Course (3/7, 2015), University-level First-class undergraduate Course (3/15,2020), Shaanxi Provincial First-class Undergraduate Course (2/5, 2021);

"Teaching Reform and Practice of Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals centering on Cultivating Students' Practice and Innovation Ability", the second prize of Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award of Shaanxi Province in 2015 (4/5,2015) and the first prize of university-level Teaching Achievement Award (4/7,2016);

"Reform and Practice of Professional Basic Courses aimed at Cultivating Excellent Veterinary Talents", the Special Prize of University Teaching Achievement (5/10,2017), Shaanxi Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award (5/10, 2018);

"Veterinary Medicine Teacher Team", the Ministry of Education of the first national Universities "Huang Danian" teacher team (5/24, 2018);

"Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals Course Group", the "Women's Contributions" Demonstration Post (2005) and the Teaching and Research Section of Excellent Online Teaching (2020);

" Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals Teaching Team", the university-level Excellent Teaching Team (2021);

"Virtual Simulation Experiment on The Morphology and Structure of nervous System and Its Conduction Pathway", the university-level first-class undergraduate course (2/5, 2021);

"Animal Anatomy", the University-level first-class undergraduate course (Course Leader, 2021).

2. Courses

The Anatomy of Domestic Animals , undergraduate course in Veterinary Medicine;

Anatomy and Histology &Embryology of Domestic Animals , undergraduate course in Life Sciences and Animal Science and Technology;

Immunohistochemistry , public elective courses for graduate students;

Topics in Neuroscience ,  Neurobiology ,  Progress of Neuroscience , graduate course in Basic Veterinary Medicine; etc.

3. Research fields

Neuroimmunoendocrine regulation

4. Major scientific research projects

Special Fund for Agriculture in Shaanxi Province (2021.06-2022.05)

Project of Northwest A&F University Animal Hospital Co., LTD (2021.07-2023.6)

Sub-project of Ningxia Base Co-construction Project (2019.01-2019.12)

Sub-project of Shaanxi Province Major Agricultural Technology Extension Service Pilot Project (2016.09-2017.08)

3 projects of National Forestry Administration of China Wildlife Epidemic Disease Monitoring and Early Warning System Maintenance (2015.01-2015.12, 2017.01-2017.12, 2018.01-2018.12)

Sub-project of Special Funds for Forestry Public Welfare Industry of State Forestry Administration (2015.01-2018.12)

National Science and Technology Major Transgenic Project (2010.01-2011.12)

Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province (2008.10-2010.09)

5. Selected Publications

Wen Ying, Shaofei Li, Zishuo Wang, Hao Feng, Xiaoting Yao, Mingjie Liu, Jianjun Chang, Xiaoyu Ding, Huiying Zhao* and Wentao Ma*. Intestinal Microbial Diversity of Free-Range and Captive Yak in Qinghai Province.  Microorganisms . 2022 Mar 31;10(4):754, IF:4.128

Xi-Dian Tang, Tian-Tian Ji, Jia-Rui Dong, Hao Feng, Feng-Qiang Chen, Xi Chen, Hui-Ying Zhao, De-Kun Chen*, Wen-Tao Ma*. Pathogenesis and treatment of cytokine storm induced by infectious diseases.  International Journal of Molecular Sciences .2021.12: Q2, IF:5.923

Xiaoting Yao, Tian Jing, Tianxing Wang, Chenxin Gu, Xi Chen, Fengqiang Chen,Hao Feng, Huiying Zhao*, Dekun Chen* and Wentao Ma*.Molecular Characterization and Elucidation of Pathways to Identify Novel herapeutic Targets in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertensio.  Frontiers in Physiology , 2021,12:1-12. Q2, IF:4.677

Tian JING, Xiaoting YAO, Tiantian JI, Jiarui DONG, Xi CHEN, Fengqiang CHEN, Hao FENG, Tianxing WANG, Huiying ZHAO*, Dekun CHEN*, Wentao MA*. Effect of Pasture Versus Indoor Feeding on Milk Microbiota of Goat.  Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi . 2021,(9). Q4, IF:0.685

Tengfei LiuYongjie WuYawen HanQingyang LiuShulin Chen*,Huiying Zhao*. Genome-wide characterization of TNF receptor-associated factors in the Chinese soft-shelled turtle Pelodiscus sinensis and their expression profiling in response to Aeromonas hydrophila challenge.  Fish and Shellfish Immunology ,2020,101:88-98. Top, Q1, IF:3.160

Liu Tengfei, Han Yawen, Liu Ye, Zhao Huiying*. Genome-wide identification and analysis of heat shock proteins 70/110 to reveal their potential functions in Chinese soft-shelled turtle Pelodiscus sinensis.  Ecology and Evolution . 2019,9(12):6968-6985. Q3, IF:2.415

Tengfei Liu, Yawen Han, Shulin Chen*, HuiyingZhao*. Genome-wide identification of Toll-like receptors in the Chinese soft-shelled turtle Pelodiscus sinensisand expression analysis responding to Aeromonas hydrophila infection.  Fish & Shellfish Immunology . 2019,87:478-489. Q1, Top, IF:3.298

Tengfei Liu, Yawen Han, Shulin Chen*, Huiying Zhao*. Global characterization and expression analysis of interferon regulatory factors inresponse to Aeromonas hydrophila challenge in Chinese soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis).  Fish & Shellfish Immunology .2019,92:821-832. Q1, Top, IF:3.298

Tengfei Liu, Yawen Han, Ting Zhou, Ruihang Zhang, Hong Chen*, Shulin Chen*, Huiying Zhao*. Mechanisms of ROS-induced mitochondria-dependent apoptosis underlying liquid storage of goat spermatozoa.  Aging . 2019,11:1-19. Q1, IF:5.515

Mi Tang, Chen Huang, Yu-Fei Wang, Pei-Gen Ren, Li Chen, Tian-Xia Xiao, Bao-Bei Wang, Yan-Fei Pan, B Tsang, Brian A Zabel, Bao-Hua Ma*, Hui-Ying Zhao*, and Jian Zhang*. CMKLR1 deficiency maintains ovarian steroid production in mice treated chronically with dihydrotestosterone.  Scientific Reports . 2016,(6):1-17. Q1, IF:5.228

Chubin Qin, Li Xu, Yaling Yang, Suxu He, Yingying Dai, Huiying Zhao* and Zhigang zhou*. Comparison of fecundity and offspring immunity in zebrafish fed Lactobacillus rhamnosus CICC 6141 and Lactobacillus casei BL23.  Reproduction . 2014;147:53-64. Q2, IF:3.262

Ye Liu, Yuxu Qi, Yawen Han, Changrong Lv and Huiying Zhao*. Analysis of 106 cases of pyometriasis in dogs.  Progress in Veterinary Medicine . 2020,41 (6):140-144

Deshui Yu, Lu Wang, Jing Li and Huiying Zhao*. Effect of G15 on expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in ovary of estrus cycle mice.  Journal of Northwest A&F University .2017, 45 (2):11-15

Honggai Liu, Lu Wang, Yingying Dai, Deshui Yu and Huiying Zhao*. Effects of G protein coupled receptor 30 on the distribution and expression of Toll-like receptor 4 in utero of ovariectomized mice.  Acta Anatomica Sinica . 2015, 46 (5):272-276

Yingying Dai, Wenling Wang, Honggai Liu, Wei Wang and Huiying Zhao*. Expression of TLR4 in uterus of Guanzhong Dairy Goats during estrus cycle.  Chinese Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences . 2013, 44 (4):629-634

6. Contact

College of Veterinary Medicine

Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi Province, 712100, China

E-mail: zhaohuiying@nwsuaf.edu.cn; 541347299@qq.com

Phone: 029-87091117 (Office)